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Record: 356
Date: 2004-10-27 12:12:42
Name: Aaron "Son"   Emailmastersid@aol.com
State: Rochester New York
Found Site by: Search Engine

    Hey Mom

Thanks for putting up with me and all my sinful behavior... I thought you would orphaned me by now. i dunno how im ever gonna change but thanks for trying to help me.

Your the best!


Record: 355
Date: 2004-10-20 02:33:14
Name: sharon rose   Emailssdgt@yahoo.com
  Home Page http://rulestheweb.com/coolwebsites
State: heaven
Found Site by: Search Engine

    In many verses of the Bible!The words caughtup translated delivered meet changed gathered etc.As you can see several different words are used for Rapture.

The Rapture is when those who love Jesus go with Jesus Christ to heaven in a Twinkling of an eye and those left behind will be forced to think weird explanations like the millions who disappeared went into a ufo etc.

After the Rapture the world will be in chaos immediately. Some people will be raptured while driving in their cars causing the cars to crash. Some people will disappear while working the most important jobs in the country and once they disappear cities will be destroyed. Planes will crash electricity will go out

Record: 354
Date: 2004-10-19 11:45:32
Name: Eric   Emailelook17@yahoo.com
  Home Page http://www.webspawner.com/users/upstatepoetry/
State: Upstate NY ---USA
Found Site by: Web Ring

    God Bless you my friend as you spread the gospel to a world in need.

-Making a difference through Faith Hope & Poetry

Record: 353
Date: 2004-10-15 19:41:28
Name: Rev. Hans Myors   Emailpprayers@yahoo.com
  Home Page http://www.geocities.com/pprayers
State: USA
Found Site by: Search Engine

    Shalom from a fellow website owner listed at OHzone. I just wanted to drop by and say hello. You have a very nice website. Please consider this message as an open invitation to come and visit my website. Take care in Y'SHUA the Messiah.

Record: 352
Date: 2004-10-05 09:36:01
Name: Muriel Crowell   Emailmuriel@klis.com
State: Yarmouth
Found Site by: Web Ring

    Nova Scotia Praise God that his truth is here and Ipray many will have their eyes opened to the truth. May God use this site for his Glory.

Record: 351
Date: 2004-10-02 14:43:49
Name: Ta-Tanisha   EmailTweetybird1283@aol.com
State: Chester
Found Site by: Friend

    PA This is a very nice website. I like the hunger site. This is my grandmothers site. I am 10 years old. I just wanted to say this is a nice website. One more thing how did u come up with this website?

Record: 350
Date: 2004-09-22 18:39:19
Name: Grandma
  Home Page www.ktreasures.com
State: Pennsylvania
Found Site by: Just Surfed In

    Wonderful site! Thanks for spreading the Word to all in need. God bless you.

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