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Record: 6
Date: 1998-11-20 18:53:45
Name: Myra Jackson
  Home Page http://
State: Chester
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    Your homepage is nice.The poems were nice too.I think that it was a good idea that you put the recipes on your homepage. If people come to your page they can receive the word of God and learn how to cook good foods too. I hope many people will come online.Bye.

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Date: 1998-11-19 20:18:36
Name: Malon   EmailMalon
  Home Page http://
State: Pa
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    Hi mom just wanted to say what a wonderful job you have done on your web page.I didn't know you could do such a beautiful thing on the computer. I know this could not have been possible without God's help and your insight of God's word. May you keep up the good work of the Lord and pass it on to others that may not know about the Lord's word. You have been an inspiration to me and i'm sure you will be to others also. May God bless you and keep you in his arms love always your daughter Tanya.

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Date: 1998-11-17 20:31:54
Name: why40   Emailwhy40
  Home Page http://none
State: chester
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    PA. heneliz your web page is very good.KEEP WORKING FOR GOD AND IN GOD. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. YOUR WHY40

Record: 3
Date: 1998-11-17 15:03:04
Name: Brother Michael Ingall   Emailmdingall@yahoo.com
  Home Page http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/4784
State: Tallahassee
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    Florida ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><><>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><
My Precious Brothers and Sisters ,Thank you so much for your prompt
and prayer.This Thursday(19th)I will be at the doctor for a biopsey of
some tumors.The past three months I've had a serious back problem,of
which recently had xrays.The tumors and back are two seperate
problems.Though in the back area I have a couple of these tumors.After
three months of several doctors and nurses,they as of present do not
know what the problem is.Let me say this,""He's GOD in the valley and
HE's GOD on the mountain!""GOD is more than able to heal me.Brothers and
Sisters,after this Thursday I don't know if I'll be laid up in the
hospital or not,so it may be a little before I can get back to my
email and web.Please keep me in lifted up before GOD. The following is
something that I wish to get shared and this being a very very small
part of the blessings that our HEAVENLY FATHER has so graciously
given.So BROTHERS and SISTERS let me share this and this too be a
blessing to you
and all.GOD IS LOVE! ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><><>< <><
Here I've complied together 1st. A blessing I hope is always
pointing toward
THE WORD and 2nd.I hope is always pointing toward THE WORD.Family
OF GOD,A GOD MORNING to you!Seek HIM early.My loves' I have
been reading the wonderful work that GOD has given and thank GOD for the
opportunity to be a labor in the field that is already ripe for the
harvest were
the labors are few.Such is the manifold blessings of being in HIS
and I of THE HOUSEHOLD OF FAITH being called of GOD.A wonderful
blessing!For none come unless first are called and this to the family of
GOD.Our LORD and Savouir,JESUS CHRIST,of who is the first of many
brethern.We the called,to the order of priesthood taking heed to our
hearing,enter his service with thanksgiving in our hearts for the
commission of
this appointment in being able to lay our lives down.As the priest
that stands
before the altar of incense offering up the prayers of the people and
that it be a
sweet smelling savor unto the nostrils of GOD.That same priesthood at
today of where before in types and shadows manifests in the
excuse my spelling but listen for HIS spirit)of the called out
(CHURCH)in the
sons of GOD to wit their redemption.Given the SPIRIT of
temple made/fashioned without hands.A HOLY WORK! The house of GOD
of who's house we are and not are own.A chosen people called to the
priesthood,made kingpriests to minister,To feed HIS sheep.Being doers in
deed to HIS witness give testimony taking heed to our hearing as to
sheep know my voice and follow not another.To be examples in deed that
testimony be true and that our good be not evil spoken of,STAND at the
offering up the incense,the prayers,our life in that HE said MY HOUSE,of
who's house ye are,shall be called a house of prayer.Spend our lives
as the
incence on the altar for a sweet smelling savour to go boldly before THE
THRONE OF GOD.Spent!Our lives consumed to stand with one mind and
accord and say,I liveth but not I but CHRIST in me(us).That this be
the only
name named among us.Identified in HIM.To be hid in HIM.His word says I
am hid in CHRIST.I'm identified in HIM,JESUS CHRIST our HIGH PRIEST
of the order we are called.To point to HIM so that they see HIM and
not I.To
set every man free to the liberty of which HE HAS CALLED them.I die that
you might live.Ruth in the book of Ruth,is a great example of the work
of THE
CHURCH,the called out.This great great GRANDMOTHER of King David from
this same
seed linage came CHRIST.This beautiful RUTH the moabite,showing that
GOD so loved the world!We need more RUTHS in the churches today.Yes
my brothers and sisters,the elect, the called out.Called OUT to be
SEPERATE and HOLY.In the world but not of the world.I thank GOD for
the letters i(notI)have gotten thru email and elsewhere to go boldly
before the
throne,to our HIGH PRIEST and hand them over to the ONLY
BEGOTTEN.So wonderful HE is.PRAY without ceasing your life given to a
life of prayer,a prayer life spent in the service of HIS priesthood to
HEARING(hearing gives understanding)of your calling thou bride of
CHRIST.That HIS HOUSE(you)is called A HOUSE OF PRAYER.Meditate
day and night upon HIS WORD being stayed on/in THE WORD.Let them
(you/me)who have an ear to HEAR what THE SPIRIT has to say to THE
CHURCH (HIS BRIDE)the called out.The spirit of prophecy is the testimony
of JESUS CHRIST!.Avoid foolish and vain babblings which lead unto more
ungodliness for HE has called you to HOLINESS.He has called you to be
HOLY as HE is Holy.You are childern of the MOST HIGH GOD. Til we
meet again loves', GOD be with you!GOD IS LOVE AND LOVE CASTS
OUT ALL FEAR.The devil can't win what he has already lost!Remember
HE's given you footprints in the sand! . BRIDE OF CHRIST,our lives
shrouded and refulgent in CHRIST ,identified in HIM our HIGH PRIEST.Go
boldly before THE THRONE OF GOD and say here am I. ><> ><> ><><>< <><
><> ><> ><> ><><>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< Please read. I would like
to ask of you a little time to share a portion of testimony with you.I
ever knowing GOD's salvation the calling of HIS desire for me,lived a
absolutley beleiving my self rightiousness filled with attitudes of
the intellectual
mind of the earth earthly,loving the things of this world,having a
religious mind laying waste the house of GOD being
knowing it not,for the love of the world and the things in it.I being
made,filled with arrogancey,conceit,and contempt to and toward
anything that
challenged the important self of I and the comforts of this world and
fellowship of the flesh.Having security in the intellectual mind with
its wealth of
materials. I lavished on greedy selfishness,to being high and lifted
up in my
own mind. Tried doing GOD a service and it not HIS will.To say that as
say this,obedience is better than sacrifice. This that was before
came to know as unfulfilling when GOD called me and I sought HIM to the
finding as He opened my ears to the hearing.A hearing that I would no
be deaf.Given an ear to hear what the Spirit has to say unto,""THE
CHURCH""in that faith cometh by hearing and that by the word of GOD.The
same word that in the beginning was the word and the word was GOD.His
WORD going forth and opening the ear ,giving understanding to THE
WAY.Jesus said,""I AM the way,the Truth and the Light of the
just here)Hear having the understanding in TRUTH,that TRUTH that sets
> captive free via THE FAITH,HIS faith,THE FAITH OF JESUS CHRIST
in that HE lays HIS life down and no man takes it.Having thus the call
,for no
man comes unless he is first called.The hearing giving understanding
in THE
WAY to go,my eyes being opened to seeing,I commence the work He called
me to in the walk,in that all who saith he abideth in HIM ought
himself also to
walk even as HE walked A HOLY WALK(1Peter1:16).Identified in HIM via
HIS death,burial and ressurection.GOD who has called me unto life and it
abundant.That these signs should follow them that believe.The deaf shall
hear,the blind to see,the halt to walk and the dead to rise.I who was
dead and now alive and hid in CHRIST to that when HE (GOD) looks at me
HE sees JESUS as to say JES US.GLORY! I was deep in
babalonish(babylonish,baby LONISH) religion to where I could take it no
longer and had to KNOW (not just no of)that GOD was GOD and that HE
was my GOD.First I set out to try a Jasons fleece.I went and procurred
item and hid (I won't name)this substance inside a sock that was
placed inside
another sock of which I placed in one of my chest drawers.I said to
if your GOD and your my GOD,you will have one of these brethern to
tell me
what I've got and what I've got it in and where I've hid it.""Following
this I
made announcement to the brothers that I would not be going to church
why.They got very upset not wanting me to do this.To say the least
there was
warfare in the house so I left out that afternoon walking and talking to
GOD.The season at this time was winter in Urbana,Ill. I walked across
Urbana,across the University of Ill.,and across clean over to the
otherside of
Champaign,Ill.talking to GOD and a whole lot of talking I did and had
recieved nothing.At this time it was evening and I had gotten cold and
tired not
to mention hungry.Well,here I was standing on the otherside of
Champaign at
the highway,when I noticed this small cafe.Enter supper of chili and
hot coca.
While sitting here eating,at the booth that I was sitting in the
lightbulb went out
over my table.The rest of the lights in the resturant stayed on.In my
heart it
spoke GOD.I finished,paid for my supper,and left heading back home (its
now well after dark)talking to GOD telling him that I could not accept
a light
bulb going out for an answer and that this could be just a coincedence
and I
couldn't trust my own mind.I wanted an absolute above reproach.By now I
had gotten back across Champaign to just within a block of the
University.Here there was a street lamp out in front of this Pizza
before,not after but when I got right up beside it,this and only this
one street
light goes out.Again it said GOD in my heart.I went on walking talking
GOD saying that I couldn't accept a lightbulb going out to be HIM that
could be just a coincedence and whatever else I said to him.Walking
completly around this block talking to him,I noticed that the light
that had just
gone out was now on with the rest.Guess what? Not before but when I got
right up beside the pole this light goes out again.Three times now
I've got
lightbulbs going out,screaming GOD in my heart.I wheeled around heading
home across the University pretty much upset.Speaking to GOD telling him
that I wanted absolutes with no reproaches,that I could not accept
light bulbs
going out because there was to much chance of coincidence.That I sure
not tell people that I know GOD because I've got lightbulbs going
out.At this
time I heard a voice as much as if you would hear mine if I were
sitting in front
of you speaking.A voice that I heard that was as all around me and in
voice that was filled with authority but fatherly.This voice said no
more no less
but these exact words with no doubt not even a chance of reproach of the
identity of the speaker.These words caused me to look over my right
and my left as to say thats why I heard that.It was a late winter
night and I was
the only one outside at that time of night,walking around with
icecicles on my
mustache,talking to GOD, when HE spoke and said,""Yes Michael,I AM HE
whom thou fearest the most"" This GOD spoke audible to my hearing.The
times I thought,if I could just get an audiance with GOD or even one
of HIS
angels,the things that would be said ,I said nothing.I just could
not.When I
realised it.It was over but in truth the beginning.For I have not been
the same
since.If I'd had wings I could have flown home.I did get back home but
apartment brothers would have nothing of it.I went on with the
beginning of
the greatest joy knowing that GOD IS and that HE is my GOD and the
start of
the many testimonies HE has given in my life as well as to witness the
GOD of
action.I can say I know GOD,not just of GOD.GOD is real not a think
so.Knowing whom I am and what in this life is called of me. At the
of Christ I came ALIVE losing my attitude of carnality being of same
this mind be in you)and accord to wit my redemption as a son of GOD.Why?
Lets just say,LOVE LIFTED ME!The Holy Ghost started bringing all things
to rememberance leading and teaching me (St.JHN.14:26).Time is short
is so much to be said,I truly could spend a great deal of hours even
days on
this,so please accept this which is forementioned. I am no longer the
same man
that I was.I adorned myself for HIM as the bride for her love
receiving his
gifts,keeping myself chaste from being ravished of this worlds
courting. HIS
SPIRIT walks with me and he talks with me.How true and alive these
have become. Your Brother In Christ Brother Michael Ingall><> ><> ><>
><> ><> ><><>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< Dear Childern of GOD,
my precious loves,First I would that you pray in
with me to HIM who is more than able to heal me.The following is in
to you and everyone concerned in walking before a HOLY GOD.Loves,may I
ask that you see that all who should have this
recieve there copy.Please let me hear from you as to if you will do
this and
now I thank GOD for the 21 messages I found in my email today.Let us not
look to the carnal mind but to the mind of CHRIST,the hope of glory
that is in
you.The BRIDE of CHRIST is a shrouded life that is refulgent(sp?)
in HIM.Losing HER identity she has taken HIS name,this BRIDE(THE
CHURCH) that hath made herself ready as the five wise virgins,and is
hid in
CHRIST being in travail to bring forth this manchild,the CHRIST in you
me ,the CALLED OUT,the sons of GOD of which all creation yearns and
groans for the manifestation of these sons to wit there redemption
.She can
only be identified in HIM.This idenity is HER walk and the walk is HER
and the life HER prayer.GOD answers prayers.He gave HER the desire of
HER heart.She keeps herself chaste from being soiled with the filth of
was asked what is sin? SIN is all ungodliness.The wages of sin is
death is not a hole in the ground.It is a seperation from GOD WHO IS
LIFE.At the crucifiction the world tried to do away with LIFE when
they took
GODS LOVE(for HE so LOVED the world)the PRINCE of LIFE and
cursed HIM and put HIM to an open shame.Stripped,beaten,spat on and
numerious other things.There they crucified HIM.*There* at Jerusalem,the
most HOLY CITY where it is said that all ought to worship.*They* the
priests,scholars,etc that should of known who HE was.*Crucified*the most
horrible death.Cursed is the man that is hung upon a tree.*HIM* the only
begotten(GOD INCARNATE).The PRINCE OF LIFE.Here today the very
same(I am very much in agreement with my loved Brother Branham).Here the
churches,they the clergy,crucify HIM the WORD.When we face lifes
situations more so the HOUSE OF GOD,we should stop and check ourselves
as to our bringing forth DEATH or LIFE?Are we fulfilling the greatest
commmandment LOVE? Are we gathering or scattering.What are we sowing
to the reaping?HE said the HARVEST is ready but the labors are few.HE
said as ye do unto these so do ye unto me.We often want to do
something for
HIM.Here's(&Heres')the opportunity.The portunity(sp.?).NO greater
gift has a man than this than that he lay down his life for his
friends.They asked
HIM,where did you get those nailed scarred hands?HE said,In the house of
my friends.He layed HIS life down for us,dear childern. Should we not
also to
lay our
lives down for HIM.We need to be identified with HIM to identify the
enemy.For HE said that when HE should come we will be with HIM and
shall judge between them that serve GOD and them that serve GOD not.He
said as they have done these things unto me so will they do
unto you and when these thngs are done to you that walk as HE
walked,REJOICE! When you have one in sin rebuke but let me add...in
LOVE.For we are called to walk as HE walked(being identified). To a work
of restoration as the Father of the prodigal.This father didn't get
soiled of the
world ,He kept himself chaste as a man of GOD called out is to do.His
actions spoke louder than his words but they were all one and the
same....LOVE.As members of the BODY of CHRIST lets build one another
not destroy.Identify the enemy,that destroyer thats a liar from the
and the father of liars.That wicked one.You are not the enemy the
prince of
darkness is,that old devil.LOVE ONE ANOTHER!This is THE command that
fulfills all the law,
and its not even a command when your identified in HIM as to take on HIS
name,ye BRIDE of CHRIST.Be not a whore.A whore is anything that is
ungodily.You (I say you as to say me)are whoring against GOD when you
in ungodliness.GOD IS LOVE.LOVE one another.This shows you love
GOD.Gather to each other that you can say did not our hearts burn
us as HE spake.GOD IN YOU.My sheep know my voice and will not follow
another.For in this ye shall know that they are brethern in that they
have love
one toward another.Let me just say this,please.""AS ye have not done unto
these so have ye not done unto HIM.""Go to one another for one another
toward HIM in HIM.ALL SAVED IN ALL.STAND at the altar offering up the
incense,the prayers,our
life in
that HE said MY HOUSE,of who's house ye are,shall be called A HOUSE OF
Michael Ingall ><> ><> ><> ><> ><><>< <>< <>< <>< <>< ><> ><> ><>
><>><> ><> ><><>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><
Precious Loves at this
time I want to ask you to keep cool-list and the ring lifted in
prayer.Pray for
my healing also.Here is a little song that I have been enjoying.The
words are
by a Johnson Oatman,Jr.(1860-1948).It goes like this:(vs.1.)I'm
press-ing on
the upward way, New heights I'm gain - ing ev-ery day; Still pray-ing
as I
on-ward bound,""Lord, plant my feet on high - er ground."" Lord, lift me
and let me stand By faith, on heav - en's ta-ble-land; A high-er plane
than I
have found, Lord,plant my feet on high - er ground. (vs.2.)My heart
has no de
- sire to stay Where doubts arise and fears dis-may; Though some may
where these a - bound,My prayer, my aim is high - er ground. Lord,
lift me
up, and let me stand By faith,on heav - en's tab-le-land; A high-er
plane than I
have found, Lord,plant my feet on high - er ground. (vs.3.)I want to
live a -
bove the world, Though sa - tan's darts at me are hurled; For faith
has caught
a joy - ful sound,The song of saints on high - er ground. Lord, lift
me up, and
let me stand By faith, on heav - en's ta-ble-land; A high-er plane
than I have
found, Lord,plant my feet on high -er ground. (vs.4.)I want to scale
the ut -
most height, And catch a gleam of glo-ry bright; But still I'll pray
till heav'n I've
found,""Lord, lead me on to high - er ground."" Lord, lift me up, and
let me
stand By faith, on heav - en's ta-ble-land; A high-er plane than I
have found,
Lord,plant my feet on high - er ground. May GOD bless you with this.GOD
><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><><>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><

Record: 2
Date: 1998-10-30 14:08:43
Name: The Cheat Guru   Emailasby2@hotmail.com
  Home Page http://members.xoom.com/cheat_planet/index.htm
State: Planet Cheat
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    Visit my page for all your cheat trainers and walkthroughs

Record: 1
Date: 1998-10-30 04:12:39
Name: Tony Warren   Emailtwarren10@aol.com
  Home Page http://mountainretreatorg.net/
City: Darby     State: Penna
Country: USA
Found Site by: From a Friend

    Pa Hi Glad I'm the First one to sign your Book. This looks to be a wonderful site looking forward to visiting often. God Bless you in your endeavors Sis and keep up the Good Work!

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