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Record: 20
Date: 1998-12-29 16:20:02
Name: William Miller   Emailwimille@siue.edu
  Home Page http://www.siue.edu/~wimille@siue.edu
Found Site by: Signing another Guestbook

    I am trying to make a small directory of Christian links and would like to add a link from my page to yours with your permission of course.

Hello very one. If you are interested in finding other students and
professors home pages or other Christian Web pages please
come to my home page and take look at the links. Thank
you and God Bless William Miller
Plus add your link on my page to your web page.

Record: 19
Date: 1998-12-29 16:16:44
Name: Robert   Emailmindcrusade@neta.com
  Home Page http://www.dogwoodlegend.com
State: Arizona
Found Site by: From a Friend

    It is through people like yourself that the Internet will
hold a value to the world population who use it for
the wonderful benefits it can provide.

Record: 18
Date: 1998-12-29 03:05:17
Name: Jack Marti   Emailjmarti@juno.com
  Home Page http://www.tagnet.org/joyfulnoise
State: Tennessee
Found Site by: Viewing another Guestbook

    I appreciated all the scripture references on your site. I have composed music for a number of the passages you quoted. You ought to come by and listen to our RealAudio samples. I think you might like them. We've been composing collecting singing and recording scripture songs now for the past 11+ years and have helped hundreds to hide God's Word in their hearts in an almost effortless way. Also we would be pleased to have you sign our guest book. Blessings on you.

Your brother in Christ


Record: 17
Date: 1998-12-28 02:40:16
Name: Linda Martin   EmailHealing4u@aol.com
  Home Page http://members.aol.com/healing4u
State: Las Vegas
Found Site by: Signing another Guestbook

    Nevada I have a burden for those who are hurting and broken. I have been there. Like Humpty Dumpty I had fallen. Due to my own failure my life was in shambles. But the King of Kings picked up the broken pieces of my life and lovingly put them back together again. The world discards broken vessels but God restores them and uses them for His glory. There is hope healing and forgiveness through the blood of Jesus. Great site. Keep up the good work. I pray many will come to Christ through your ministry

Record: 16
Date: 1998-12-14 22:55:44
Name: Michael Funke   Emailmfunke@jps.net
  Home Page http://www.jps.net/mfunke
State: San Leandro
Found Site by: Viewing another Guestbook

    CA Hello great site!! I love all the extra goodies! Seasons greetings and God bless. All glory and honor to Jesus Christ
our Lord!!


Record: 15
Date: 1998-12-13 08:22:30
Name: sEven   Emailkrischak@cris.com
  Home Page http://silvergold.net
State: ny
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In


Record: 14
Date: 1998-12-09 07:21:26
  Home Page http://www.InternetJump.com/ItIsFinishedMinistries
Found Site by: From a Friend

    TX I praise the Lord for your website. Thanks for E-mailing me and inviting me to view it. I love anything that lifts up the name of Jesus and brings Him glory! Keep up the wonderful work!

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