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Record: 48
Date: 1999-03-17 23:16:03
Name: Brad McElhinney   Emailbrademce@hotwww.com
  Home Page http://www.angelfire.com/ut/UNTOTHELORD
State: Salt Lake City Utah
Found Site by: Clicked on a 'Guestbooks by GuestWorld' Button

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving your url!!!
may the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your ministry!!!
i really enjoyed reading your new page on the gosple message!! how rare it is to see the ENTIRE truth of the gosple proclaimed!!
i certainly will return as i would like to view the rest of your site.
please send me a url button/gif to link to your site
i feel led to ask you if i may add you to my must see links page!
in Christ;
Brad McElhinney

Record: 47
Date: 1999-03-17 02:09:58
Name: Sandylynn   Emailtabor@creative-net.net
  Home Page http://sandylynn.webjump.com
State: Kentucky
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    I really enjoyed my visit to your page and thank you for visiting mine and thank you for your kind words... please visit me again I am always changing and adding things. God Bless you Sandylynn

Record: 46
Date: 1999-03-13 14:39:27
Name: Rodger Moore   Emailevangel20@hotmail.com
  Home Page http://www.fortunecity.com/millenium/castleton/234/biframe.htm
State: Richmond
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    B.C. (Canada) Just started to check out your site. Looks great so far! Please feel free to visit our site. It is an online Bible especially designed to be linked to by other Christian sites. This gives the users of your site access to the Bible while not using the extra webspace required for the entire bible on your sever. We also provide a direct link back to your site.

Record: 45
Date: 1999-03-10 09:46:37
Name: Harold D. Bradford   Emailhbradford@angelfire.com
  Home Page http://www.angelfire.com/oh/Bootsie/index.html
State: Mason
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    Ohio USA Thank you so very much for sharing your wonderful website with me. I really enjoyed all of it. Please visit my homepage and don't forget to sign my guest book. Thank you and God bless you.

Record: 44
Date: 1999-03-09 12:56:36
Name: Waymaker   Emailwaymaker@hotmail.com
  Home Page http://members.tripod.com/~waymaker
State: Belton
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    Missouri It is very apparent that you have put a lot of work into your site. I don't know why but this would not load on my Netscape browser so I switched to IE and it loaded ok. I wonder if anyone else has had that problem? May the blessings of Father God abide in you through the Lord Christ.

Record: 43
Date: 1999-03-08 07:29:06
Name: JoAnne   Emailgoyimforjesus@ilovejesus.com
  Home Page http://www.ilovejesus.com/myhome/goyimforjesus/index.html
State: just passing through
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    This is a beautiful page! Praise the Lord!

Record: 42
Date: 1999-03-06 23:48:29
Name: teresa   EmailHUSHPUPI34@aol.com
  Home Page http://people.goplay.com/hush34/
State: louisana
Found Site by: Signing another Guestbook

very uplifting :)

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