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Record: 97
Date: 1999-05-17 16:37:24
Name: David Kanavel   Emailweezie@glasscity.net
  Home Page http://www.angelfire.com/oh/hopeinlord/
State: Toledo
Found Site by: Viewing another Guestbook

    Ohio First I want to say This is a fantastic site for study I will be spending a lot of time here and I'll send it to my friends and family to. I thank you visiting my site.

Come and visit anytime welcome always in the name of the Lord! Record: 96
Date: 1999-05-17 05:43:40
Name: Steve   Emailslwsteve@uq.net.au
  Home Page http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Palais/2355/
State: Brisbane Australia
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    Hi Thanks So Much For Signing My Guestbook I Have Been Looking At Your Pages And It Looks Good Keep Up The Good Work BYE


Record: 95
Date: 1999-05-11 04:07:15
Name: Jerry   Emailglobalministry@webzone.net
  Home Page http://www.webzone.net/globalministry
State: Oklahoma
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    Very impressive. Quite a comprehensive website. Good work.
Jesus is coming!

Record: 94
Date: 1999-05-09 07:31:07
Name:   Email"Sean Choi"
  Home Page "Sean's Christian Apologetics Page"
State: Viewing another Guestbook
Found Site by: Http://members.tripod.com/~vantillian/

    Culver City CA You have a nice webpage: very well thought out and visually attractive. May God bless your efforts!

Record: 93
Date: 1999-05-06 22:46:26
Name: Dennis Allen Briggs (Gad)   Emaildeallen@theendbygod.com
  Home Page http://www.theendbygod.com/index.htm
State: Ten Mile
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    TN Shalom alekhem!

I dropped by your site and set a bookmark for a return.

Please feel free to read my testimony visit my comprehensive link Bible library Bible Symbol Dictionary and leave your own URL on my automated site listing.

Record: 92
Date: 1999-05-04 17:12:52
Name: Marlicia Hammond
  Home Page http://
State: Chester
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    Pa. I liked the poetry page.I am 7 years old.I liked the poem If Jesus came to your house.May God bless neet neet.
From Marlicia

Record: 91
Date: 1999-04-30 02:08:45
Name: Debbie   EmailDpinkAngel@AOL.COM
  Home Page http://members.aol.com/AngelsHoly/lord.html
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    Thank you for visiting me & your pages are Wonderful!! in my guestbook you wrote...
(However I just want to say that I don't think that images of Jesus or angels are biblical.No one knows how they look anyway)
We DO know what jesus looks like and people have seen Angels
my Daughter see & talks to them all the time since she could talk shes now 4 and my Bible holds mny pictures of our Lord:)) ...... Think Angels & The Lord..God Bless Debbie...DpinkAngel

An Angel for you!

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