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Record: 111
Date: 1999-07-16 19:22:02
Name: Mary Ann   EmailMTMPBD@webtv.net
  Home Page http://members.tripod.com/maryann5/index.html
State: Now living in Kansas City
Found Site by: From a Friend

    Mo Thank you for visiting my HomePage.Thank you for your kind words for taking the time to sign my guestbook and leaving the link to this informative site. I have spent a lot of time studying. I will return and return. Thank you for all of the hard work in creating this site. You have truly shown THE WAY! Thanks be to God for His Gift of Grace. John 3:16. May God continue to Bless You in all that you undertake. Your sister in Christ Mary Ann

Record: 110
Date: 1999-07-14 04:07:23
Name: Lindysue2604   EmailLindysue2604@hotmail.com
  Home Page http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Farm/8021
State: Kansas / transplanted in New York
Found Site by: Signing another Guestbook

    Thank you so much for your web site it has been a blessing.
God bless and keep U and yours.
Your Sister in Christ Jesus Linda.....................
.JESUS is Lord!
my other webpage addy

Record: 109
Date: 1999-07-11 07:02:33
Name: Juanita Pike   Emailjpike@n-link.com
  Home Page http://www.n-link.com/~jpike
State: Texas
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    Did enjoy your site. God's Word is our only survial in these
days. May God richly bless you in your ministry!!

Record: 108
Date: 1999-07-11 04:15:51
Name: Tracy Gross   Emailmabalot@ponyexpress.net
  Home Page http://www.ponyexpress.net/~mabalot
State: Missouri
Found Site by: Viewing another Guestbook

    Thank you for visiting my web page and signing my guest book. I greatly appreciate your prayers for my Mother
We need them Glory to God. I love your web page
there is so much to do and see. I have decided that I am
going to feature it as the SITE OF THE MONTH for August
on my web page. Thank you and God Bless.

Record: 107
Date: 1999-06-22 10:56:55
Name: Petal   Emailpetal1@angelfire.com
  Home Page http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hollow/7804
State: Australia
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    Hi! I just wanted to thank you for signing my page you are welcome any time!! Your page is a tribute to your dedication well done.

Record: 106
Date: 1999-06-18 21:39:48
Name: David   EmailDavid@itbureau.co.uk
  Home Page http://www.itbureau.co.uk/david/
State: United Kingdom
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    Excellent website. How greatly blessed the people are the joyful sound that know. Glory be to God who has so richly blessed us in Christ Jesus. May we always remain faithful to Him. He alone KEEPS us for underneath are the everlasting arms.
ISAIAH 40 v(28-31)


Record: 105
Date: 1999-06-14 12:58:49
Name: Kimmy Smith   Emailkimmy322@yahoo.com
  Home Page http://www.geocities.com/~kimmy322/
State: Louisiana
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    Wonderful page God bless you and keep you in his love.

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