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Record: 209
Date: 2000-10-21 10:52:45
Name: Paul E. Jackson Sr.   Emailpejs@ictransnet.com
  Home Page http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Trail/2243/index.html
State: South Florida
Found Site by: From a Friend

    I think you have done a Wonderful job on your Web Site and I Praise You for taking your Time to do
this and to give it FREEDOM for who ever happens to visit it. From One Christian To Another really
Outstanding. ALL THE BEST Today Tomorrow and Forever and GOD BLESS !!!!! ~ Paul ~

Record: 208
Date: 2000-10-12 04:07:58
Name: Pedro Eustache   Emailpetache@socal.rr.com
  Home Page http://home.earthlink.net/~petache/index.html
State: Caracas
Found Site by: From a Friend

    Venezuela I just got your e-mail [from my younger brother in Venezuela Gustavo!] & had to at least sign your guest-book.
Thank you for your very kind words. If you like my playing is not because of me but inspite of me! & yes We give all glory praise & honor to the King of Kings & Lord of Lords Jesus Christ Lord & Savior who gave me the gift & who deserves all merrit!
To The One that is the same yesterday today & forever I play & dedicate my music hoping that while worshipping Him

Record: 207
Date: 2000-10-06 11:43:03
Name: Bishop Curtis A. Timmons - Joy of Life Christian Cathedral   Emailbishopct@hotmail.com
  Home Page Inc."
State: Just Surfed On In
Found Site by: Http://www.Jolcc.org

    Antioch-Pittsburg Area of the S.F. Bay Area of N. Ca. You have an absolutely terrific website ministry. Keep up the great work. Be blessed and encouraged in the Lord. I invite you to visit www.Jolcc.org and www.BishopTimmons.com

Yours in HIS service

Bishop Curtis A. Timmons

Record: 206
Date: 2000-09-25 20:57:33
Name: Michael Leigeber   Emailthemeretruth@aol.com
  Home Page The Mere Truth"
State: Just Surfed On In
Found Site by: Http://www.gospelcall.com

    Athens AL nice site although personally I believe that baptism is a nessecary step to salvation. I will be willing to study the bible with anyone at all just email me. keep it up!

Record: 205
Date: 2000-09-25 13:19:00
Name: William Cowan   Emailbillsook@yahoo.com
  Home Page http://www.geocities.com/TheTropics/Beach/1562
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    Keep spreading the good word. God bless!

Record: 204
Date: 2000-09-24 06:27:13
Name: Debbie R   Emailjdreed@astound.net
  Home Page http://members.truepath.com/jdreed/index.html
State: MN
Found Site by: From a Friend

What an awesome site that you have!
I've bookmarked it so I can return :-)
Debbie R

Record: 203
Date: 2000-09-22 16:46:33
Name: Andrew Watkins   Emailkinsman@altavista.net
  Home Page http://www.preachtheword.co.uk
State: Portadown
Found Site by: Viewing another Guestbook

    Northern Ireland You signed our guestbook and asked that we return the favour - so I did :) Will come back for another look when I have more time!

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