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Record: 216
Date: 2001-01-20 00:51:22
Name: sharon
  Home Page http://www.sharonstop.homestead.com
State: sc by way of mississippi
Found Site by: Just Surfed In

    georgia alaba you have a gret site. I love poetry and you sure have plenty to please the soul.

Record: 215
Date: 2000-12-28 16:51:04
Name: Dianne Lawrence   Emaildlawrence@hisfeet.com
  Home Page http://www.geocities.com/dlawrence27
State: Salt Lake City
Found Site by: Search Engine

    Utah I am revisiting pages of people who have signed my guest book in the past.

Record: 214
Date: 2000-12-22 00:23:06
Name: steve   Emailps1471@aol.com
State: Pennnsylvania
Found Site by: Search Engine

Excellent site. I love to see and hear about Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I hunger and thirst for more of Him. I will definately keep coming back. Thank you for the site. We give Jesus all the glory honor and praise. We love You Jesus!!

Record: 213
Date: 2000-12-20 04:46:19
Name: Jeff Reynolds   Emailreynoldsjeff_@hotmail.com
  Home Page www.geocities.com/mendingnets
State: Indianapolis
Found Site by: Friend

    I have been invited to this site months ago and due to a lack of time looking at new sites I did not get to this until present.
I am awestruck by this site. Good or bad? Three words: I've bookmarked it!
Well done Eliz!

Record: 212
Date: 2000-11-02 20:03:31
Name: Peter Hobbs   EmailPeter_Hobbs@AUE.salvationarmy.org
  Home Page http://
State: Sydney Australia
Found Site by: Signing another Guestbook

    Hi there I'm a Salvationist (member of the Salvation Army) I love God and have a passion to save souls from the flames of Hell. I'm impressed with your website and I'm so glad that there are site like this in the net.

Keep up the great work. I'm a Journalist for The Salvation Army so I might come back and read some more of the great articles you have here. God Bless you all abundantly

Record: 211
Date: 2000-11-01 00:01:12
Name: Susie   Emailsuz@yaotta.com
  Home Page http://www.yaotta.com/home/suz_00
State: Kentucky
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    Well Done!
Very Informative Thank you for sharing

Record: 210
Date: 2000-10-27 09:14:43
Name: Tammy   Emaildolphindreams@dingoblue.net.au
  Home Page http://www.freebox.com/dolphindreams
State: Downunder (australia)
Found Site by: Just Surfed On In

    Your site is gorgeous....I enjoyed my time here looking around your pages...congrats on a site well done.
kind regards

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